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SimuCon 2003

Disclaimer : I held back a few pictures in the interest of good taste and/or preserving reputations, if I missed one let me know.  Also, there are a few nameless folk in here.  If you want your name added, (blushing furiously cause I forgot it already) , or spelled correctly (blushing again), or if you see any other errors that need correcting... drop me a line at webmaster@taffeisjournal.com to let me know.




Krinahd enjoys the St Louis sunshine

Dailian and Motarra have arrived!

Waiting in line to register for this chaos!

Now this is the way to wait in line!

Kapi! I want that cow!

GMs Jeremael and Valdrik

Viptorian and Krinahd


Miilo, GM Jent and Krinahd

Maelona (who was an Ice Troll for the Monsters Among Us game), and Krinahd

GM Jent watches as Valdrik gets a closeup of the Ice Troll

In the lobby of the West Port Chalet people mill about to see who else has arrived

Skiori's back, Argot, Veyl and Anbeth

Shakan, Lakus-of-plat, and Purreliss

Is it me or does Soim look like he's "casin' de joint"?

Tamasan, Soim, Kapi and Cryhavok enjoy a relaxing moment in the hotel bar.

The infamous GS Pink Bunny. Nice kilt :)

SGD Maelona holds the scroll listing the membership of the Sling Crusade!

A detailed look at the writings on that scroll.

(warning... may take a minute or three to load)


There were cameras everywhere!  Bakan gets his warmed up!

Tyrathia, Maelona, Soim and Lakus-of-plat watch a demonstration of strength!



Pete/Barnacus and Lakus from DRplat

Everyone tries a sip of Seteria's homebrewed mead!

There is always such diversity at these gatherings! Jael chats with a couple of other GS folk.

Dashery! What a lovely hat!

And here come the costumes! First up, a masked gigolo from HX! Wait... that's Westly the Pirate

Teilana and GM Olarra find a quiet corner for a chat.

Aisyn and Rawb join in the milling and mingling in the lobby.

Rufhelous was wearing quite a T-shirt. *snicker*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THURSDAY NIGHT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jolebin shows off his singing skills for Kareoke night! Yes! It was a pajama party too!

OOps! There went the robe!

And he serenades Ylena ...or was he begging for singing lessons?!

Jello shots and pjs in the Bern room!

Jolebin is gona start dancing now too! Cover your eyes!

Ylena's turn! Yay!

Everyone needs backup dancers! Woohoo!

It's the pj boogie!

Dunryc and Dremerie join in!

ok... they're not quite in sync... but they ARE having fun!

This woman can SING, I tell you!!

Alexandro does his rendition of "I like big butts" - Shake that thang, miss DJ!

Ysselt was laughing so hard she fell down!

Allen plays backup for this song.

His fans fall all over themselves!

Rigby knows a thing or two about singing!

Sing it Rigby!

I can't remember what Gnafelot was singing here... I was laughing too hard!

Solomon also has a voice! What a talented group!

Dunryc and the DJ demonstrate how it's done!

Invasion Critter! Kill it! Oh wait... it's just Dunryc.

Line Dancing Ladies!

Lakus demonstrates his music lore!

A break from the fun for Krinahd and Anlazaul

Krinahd and Taffei sing the DR version of Tub Thumpin

Now we know why they aren't bards!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FRIDAY! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Janyl's back, ? and GM Quarel

Drongol, Vytoria, Euphelus and GM Jent

GM Zabari brings the cleric meeting to order

Some of the Clerics in attendance

GM Zabari! How can you not love her!?

Zabari reads Skral's letter to us.

SGD Maelona's first question : "I'm not too late for the announcement about canceling the guild am I?"

Watch out Maelona! The doom squirrel (tm) is now in Miekhael's untrained hands!

Tessima, Silvaran and Anji

GM Olarra says, "OMG, you guys will NOT believe what I just saw!"

Chasitee, GM Maece, Redarch and Ailyssa wait for the next round of madness.

The State of Elanthia seminar needed a big room.

Solomon adresses the masses

The GMs were called to the front for introductions

There are alot of them!

GMs Chakram, Zabari and Illanya

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COSTUME NIGHT! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

warning... I don't know most of these people ...but the costumes! omg!

Bayn is ready to protect the lady, but she doesn't look too distressed to me.

GS archer


Nice touch with the feathers, Big Boy Keeper.

Gruhnt! Holy-Tog!

and first place for DR costume!

GM Jeremael's daughters! How cute!

Sorthak... a hooded shadowy figure

Pete/Barnacus and Fumier from DR plat

Gruhnt needs to see an empath about those teeth!

GM Jeremael and daughter



And Bambina's husband!

Rufhelous... aka smack!

A colorful gypsy!

Eldrath, maker of Death Rum!




A kilted Krinahd!

(third place for DR costume)

Alixi! A dangerous looking lady!

GM Anji!

GM Zabari!

SGH Tiaren and GM Meakah

Motarra chats with GM Laurillana

Ranger Motarra!

ok, Krolvin IS an invasion critter!



SGH Elddric is about to get a strawberry margarita shampoo!

GM Veyl He just LOOKS like a master of destruction.

A blurry Mnute

GM Anji gives directions.  She's so helpful.

Shiril and Mnute

Father Zendar!


Watching the parade of costumes in comfort

Wench for sale!

Prydean Empath!

Elddric gives someone's wheelchair a spin!  Wonder if she'll miss it?

Another hooded shadowy figure!

Every good trader keeps a bag of Yak Food handy!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FRIDAY NIGHT ... DINNER AND MORE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cloudcrest, what a loud shirt you have!

Arissande, Anlazaul and Krolvin... who looks hungrier?

Fumier and Anlazaul

A blurry Flamesong as Bacchaus.

Tigermist and Damissak wander into the frey.

Llerolann recites a poem

For his portion of the talent show, this fella drank a glass of milk!

Naria plays us a tune!

Lorien, Ylena, Andy and Naria make quite the quartet!

Ylena's flute solo! Play it!

They can't leave the stage! The applause wont let them!

Taffei, "Just because I'm olvi doesn't mean I'm colorblind!"

(second place for DR costume)

Bambina, GM Bontinor and Kati

GM Mroce sits still for a neck tatoo!

Indigoe and Apu


Chanepheous and Ysselt listen in on a conversation

Janyl sticks her tongue out at you and issues a pthththth sound!

Quavvy, Soim, Absinthe and Breganth

Maelona, Chrystian, and Fumier share a drink and a few stories

GMs Jent and Aeonian in the middle of the chaos

Zendar chats with a couple of folks from GS

GM Riel tries to take a phone call in all the noise

Daxlynn looks like she's saying, "Please, Zabari! Let me thump the dead guys just a little!"

GMs Danalae, Bartlebee, and Anji enjoy a smoke free spot

Lycanthus and Hashi!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SATURDAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The weather was beautiful in St Louis! Lets hold the meetings outside!

Dashery, ? and Krinahd

A fuzzy Aethonvan

Radio Free Simucon!

GM Cadaya hosts the P5 Seminar

Drongol takes a break between seminars

Anlazaul and Aethonvan



The patio was a great place to sit and visit

GM Quarel, GM Riel and Conan O'Brien... the people you get to hang out with at these things!

What party would be complete without Seamaus!

Tyrathia cramming more seminar notes into her laptop


The line for dinner went a looong way!

A corner of the museum in Throne City!

GM Illanya, GM Chakram, and ?

Lycanthus and Hashi

Nice crowd!  Must be a good place to get a bite!

GMs Maece and Reexa

GM Illanya and GM Chakram

Chasitee ponders... Are they gona be handing out RPAs for attending this event?

GMs Reexa, Tessima, and Illanya

 GM Chakram gets pointed out of hiding! RT 6 seconds

David Whatley tries his hand at magic

Every magician needs a lovely assistant to sit on a stool!

I thought HE was the supposed to wear the blindfold. What kind of trick is this?

OMG! Did he just say what I think he said!

OMG! He did! David asks Ashley to marry him!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AFTER DINNER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Faunuzia and Mystyshadow

Tessima wants that shirt!

Robert and Krinahd battle it out in Settlers

The game room is quite busy

Argot, what in the world cursed you?

Aeonian and Seteria look like they're making a backroom deal while GM Skiori tries to communicate with Argot.

Absinthe and Breganth at the games tables

Soim observes as Jalmoda and Skiori try not to get cursed!

Kynevon sets up another Settlers board

Guest Critter, Aethonvan, Iaasis and Ternith

I think I stumbled into a secret meeting with Shakahn... sssshhhhh

Mistarrial, GM Shakhan, and Purreliss

Ranger Rawb!

A DnD game gets underway

GM Zabari wonders how much longer this much fun can last!

The Paladins are plotting again! Run for your lives!

Arissande, Blasword, Dashery, Drongol, and Redarch

Indigoe, GM Godrich, GM Illanya, and Naria

A bard!

Nynnia, Teilana, Briga and Naiph

Drongol *snicker* Ask him about this one.

The computer room


Carey and Chakram pause their monopoly game to listen to Eric

More Radio Free Simu

Jim and David plotting for next year?

Bambina, GM Anji, Indigoe and Eldrad.  Nice shirt, Edrad!

Gruhnt without the green

Mozzik, Larkus and Veyl

Argot gets a neck rub

Ozimael and Eldreth

This looks like trouble!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IT'S PROM NIGHT! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OMG! Dunryc? A cheerleader?

Zendar! You have a glowing thingy on your shirt!

Ahhh, it releases it's light sucking powers and we can see again.

Schoolgirl Shylore


Another cheerleader! so where's the team?

Schoolgirl Lurch

Prom Queen Ylena

Another school girl

School girl Flura

School girl Teesha

I don't think that's sacramental wine, sister Liye.

Ysselt!  Sister was looking for that sacramental wine!

This just in! ... teachers strike at the prom!

A naughty student gets a taste of sister Liye's ruler!

Schoolgirl Alixi

Cheerleader Gespry!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUNDAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GMs Tessima and Cadaya hosting the races seminar

Break between seminars on the patio

GM Mroce and GM Riel

Chasitee, Dracman, GM Ssra, GM Maece and ?

They know we be a thirsty bunch!

Redarch, Nynnia, and GM Olarra

Gavyn and Drongol

Redarch and Motarra

Krinahd, Drongol, Bambina, Redarch and Motarra gather round the altar.

Just a few feet away... dinner!

GM Maece tries to sneak past Blasword

Blasword tries to sneak past Krinahd

Kynevon, Sorthak, Mozzik and Larkus

Krinahd, Shavay, Viptorian, Apu and Motarra


And thus ends yet another successful Simucon.  Thank you to all who helped put this together for us!  See y'all next year!
Artwork on this page was borrowed from the website of the George and Dragon Pub and Resturant.